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Tips for Creating a Stellar Your29 Student Profile

Congrats on signing up for your FREE Student Profile (here)! Check that box.

Now it’s time to turn your profile into one of the top performing on Your29. Here are 5 tips to attract interest from sponsors, scholarships, and employers.

  1. IT’S BRAGGING TIME It’s your turn to shine bright like a diamond! In 240 characters or less, tell your profile viewers about your dreams, hopes, and plans in your “My Goals” section.

  2. YOUR STATS ARE KEY Getting your Education Level, Expected Graduation Year and the Opportunities You’re Open To right are essential. Sponsors, scholarships, and employers need this info to make sure you’re eligible for their opportunities, and to show up in their searches.

  3. TAKE A SELFIE… VIDEO If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video is worth. Take a 45-second video describing what makes you unique and awesome.

  4. WHAT YOU DO OUTSIDE OF CLASS The “Activities, Clubs and Service” and “More About Me” sections showcase who you are beyond academics and what’s important to you. You might be surprised, but these two little sections matter big.

  5. SHOW & TELL Make sure that your profile highlights and celebrates you. Fill it up and don’t leave anything blank. Add videos and photos to your gallery at the top or as attachments at the bottom of your profile. Let people get to know you and understand Your29!

We know you have so much to offer, so show sponsors, scholarships, and employers why they should reach out and connect with you!

To learn more, be sure to check out the helpful videos available in each section of your profile.

We’re rootin’ for you!


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