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Find & Be Found
by Students

Your29 is an online platform for businesses, groups, and individuals to network and Find & Be Found by students.

Recruit Students for Jobs

Increase Your Visibility

Connect Earlier

Grow DEI + ESG Initiatives

Drive Social Impact

Simply Give Back

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How Businesses
leverage Your29

The network to help you search, match & connect with students who align with your mission and goals.

Post Jobs

Post Internships

Post Scholarships

Promote Events

Promote Info Sessions

Sponsor Specific Students

Proudly helping businesses

Find &

Be Found.

"Without Your29, we would have never found her."

Director of HR

Fortune 100 Company

How Your29 Works
for Businesses

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your homepage

  • Increase Your Visibility

  • Enhance Your Brand

  • Define Your Mission & Goals

your opportunities

  • Scholarships & Sponsorships

  • Campus Events & Info Sessions

  • Internships & Jobs

Find & Be Found
by students

  • Receive Student Applications

  • Collect Student Sign-ups

  • Search, Match & Hire students  

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