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It’s Hammer Time with Logan Blomquist

‍While growing up around some pretty rough kids, Logan’s English teacher introduced him to a new sport that gave him more opportunities than he ever imagined. But winning championships wasn’t easy and would come at the price literally building from the ground up during Co-Vid. Logan opens up by sharing he didn’t have a lot of money and had to have certain box checks for college, and his advice to “don’t do what I did” in your decision-making process. It wasn’t and still even as a national champion isn’t always easy, but he believes you can do anything you want to if you work for it. This BMXer Basehead now strives to bring home a Medal for the USA and then go on to coach others. The power of people, the power of staying strong, and the power of just plain work.

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Guest Bio: A recent graduate of Southeast Missouri State University. National Champion in the hammer throw for NCAA Division I track and field. Logan Blomquist is from Pleasant Hill, Missouri. A former high school foot

ball player who was introduced to a new sport as a freshman later became the state champion in both the shot put and discus. Logan now dreams to bring home a medal for the USA and coaching young people.


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