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The Perfect Match with Rachel Galligan

It was her first love, her greatest joy, and seemingly the first word she spoke. But Rachel Galligan was devastated that the school she dreamed of and in her own backyard didn’t want her. But along he came, saw something in her, and believed in her. He sold her on the vision and opportunity to build something great. She ended up going to a school 100 miles from home, losing her mother the first week in college, and little did she know, could not have been with a more perfect match and person to develop her and pull out the greatest parts of her on and off the court. A people pleaser who had to be challenged, pushed, and told the truth, he lit her match and the beast in the paint took fire proudly playing together with her teammates for the name across their chest. A healthy chip that she never let go of drove her to the Hall of fame and still fuels her as she travels globally searching for other women who sometimes just need someone to believe in them, describe a vision and an opportunity, and to speak their language.

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Guest Bio:

Rachel Galligan grew up in Central Illinois as a very active, sport-loving, and fun neighborhood kid. She fell in love with the game of basketball playing at Division I Eastern Illinois University and later was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Having enjoyed several college coaching stints at different universities, Rachel has always had a knack and love for recruiting. Now a women’s professional basketball league analyst, Rachel also travels the world recruiting other women looking for the opportunity to play the game of basketball as the coach and founder of Go Global Recruiting.


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