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The Hike For Global Aspirations with Bella Lambert

A cheerleader, active member of several clubs, and recent high school graduate ventures to find the college that will allow her to climb new mountains and reach global heights. Bella Lambert is a kind-hearted soul who aspires to one day own a product-based company and raise awareness and offer a solution to women’s health problems that still exist today across the globe, but before she can begin to “conquer the world,” she must first find the right college to do so. Join us as Bella talks about her experiences of self-discovery, a club she joins that boosts her confidence, an internship that challenges her mindset, and a competition that lands her in what becomes her college home. After hours and hours of Google searches going down one route and then another and yet another, who knew she would land proudly at a college relatively in her own backyard? Just like the trails she hikes and the flowers she loves to plant, you too will enjoy following Bella’s journey to find her tribe and plant her seed with the Utah Utes.

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Guest Bio:

Recent Park City High School Class of 2022 graduate, Bella Lambert was involved in numerous clubs, a member of the varsity cheer team now preparing to attend the University of Utah enrolling in the highly acclaimed David Eccles School of Business. She plans to study Entrepreneurship and travel internationally to experience and learn about new cultures.


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