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The College Shake Up with Mike Nietzel

With undergraduate enrollments on the decline for more than a decade, many colleges are taking another look at how they attract and support students. In this episode, Your29’s Chief Strategy Officer, Kim Schuette, speaks with Mike Nietzel about many of the changes colleges have made since the start of the COVID pandemic, how some colleges are shaking up the status quo to make getting a degree more accessible, and what’s on the horizon for both colleges and students as the U.S. braces for another possible recession.

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Guest Bio: Mike Nietzel is a senior contributor in Education to Forbes. He is the former senior policy advisor to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, the former college president at Missouri State University, a veteran of several positions for 32 years at the University of Kentucky, and recently authored two books: The Education of America’s Top Executives and Coming to Grips with Higher Education.


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