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A Self-Starter with a Ball at the Park with Coach Marc Polite

He was just a kid with a ball at the park. He didn’t know much about college, what it was, how to get there, and what it took to get there. Coach Marc Polite had to be a self-starter and be his own engine. He speaks on the love fest of recruiting and then understands we operate in the sphere of production. Coach Polite speaks the truth, shares stories to learn from and motivational moments to help you find your boost from within. Calling all students, athletes, parents, high school coaches, and college coaches to take notes and let this sink in while he preaches the news you need to know. His engine gets going and provides you with the steps, tips, and fuel for college selection and coaching success. Sit back and enjoy while Coach Polite coaches you up!

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Guest Bio:

Marc Polite was the 2022 High School Basketball Coach of the year, a former college assistant coach with experience at all divisions, and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader. He was a Division I scholarship basketball player and is currently the head basketball coach at Rock Island High School in Illinois. He’s a loving husband and a proud dad of 2.


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