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5 Tips to Make the Most of Your College Tour

College visits are exciting, nerve racking, and can just be a lot to take. Here are 5 tips to make the most out of your campus visit while you are there.

1. Get smart on the school Use your travel time to review some quick facts and highlights about the college, before you arrive (e.g., areas of study that interest you, sports or programs you’re thinking about joining, admissions requirements, etc.).

2. Take it all in Nervous? That’s ok. Excited? That’s great! Lost? Don’t worry, you won’t be for long. All of these feelings are totally normal. Take a few deep breaths. Put your phone away, and really take it all in to fully enjoy the experience. It’s very common for parents and advisors to ask a lot of questions during these tours, but it’s really about you. So don’t be afraid to speak up and ask the tour guide and other students you see about their experiences at the school. What do they love? What do they wish was different or better? What made them decide to enroll at that school?

3. Check in with yourself Take some time to assess how you felt on the campus. What you liked and didn’t like. Not a fan? Have a bellyache? That’s fine. You’re finished there. Excuse yourself and head back to the car. This is not your place and that is ok. It’s time to cross this college off the list and move on. Are you smiling? Nodding your head in agreement as the tour guide shares details about the school? Are you imagining yourself walking around campus like the other students you see? Great! Take some extra time to walk around campus and the town or neighborhood attached to it. Ask a student for a recommendation for a local restaurant.

4. Give it the emoji test Read through the following questions and put an emoji next to them as your answer:

  • What did you think about the campus?

  • What did you think about the student dorm/living situation?

  • Do they offer majors and academic programs that you’re interested in (e.g., study abroad, work-study, internships, etc.)?

  • Do they offer programs you’re interested in (e.g., clubs, sports, greek life, etc.)?

  • How do you look in that college’s hoodie?

If 4+ of your responses include a happy face, thumbs up or fire emoji, then keep the college on your list. If not, then cross it off the list and move on.

5. Share it If the college passed the emoji test, share your enthusiasm on your social accounts. A great way to get on the radar of admissions counselors, faculty and coaches at any college is engaging with them, their college and their team handles’ on social media.

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