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Meaningful Purpose with Coach Tuke

He authentically shares his personal experience as a troubled kid who happened to be good at football and for whatever reason needed a coach. He becomes a first-generation college graduate who speaks of a very pivotal moment in his life where someone helped him to take the first initial step and he hopes to do the same for other young men. Coach Tuke — is a Division 1 Head Football coach with 25 years of coaching experience. He authentically shares how his personal experience as a student-athlete shaped him and developed his cornerstones of his program and way of life. He believes you need meaningful work and when he gets up every morning, he has a meaningful purpose and an opportunity to impact someone’s life. Regarding the recruiting process — he advises athletes to know what you are looking for because when everything matters — nothing matters, and for parents to manage your expectations. He passionately shares that coaches now more than ever need to speak the truth to their athletes, and athletes — to be successful, you must truly love the sport versus being in love with the idea of playing it. We talk about the transfer portal and the side hustle of NIL. Knowledge, experience, truth, and passion from Coach Tuke. He speaks the truth you need to hear. He shares advice his coaching peers should consider. And he motivates you to get out there and live your meaningful purpose today.‍

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Guest Bio: Tom Matukewicz is in his 9th year as the Head Football Coach at Southeast Missouri State University. For 25 years, Coach Tuke has been a head or assistant coach at different sizes of schools and in different locations. He is a husband, a dad, and a leader of not only his football program but in the community.


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