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Hard Work U with Ben Honza

He worked a part-time job since he was fifteen making countless sacrifices to be able to attend and pay for college. Little did Ben Honza know, he would fall in love with Culinary Arts, the job, the creation, and the relationships he would build. He and his parents authentically share their journey of search, discovery, frustration, and patience, and eventually his being admitted to a school with a 10% acceptance rate. Dive in as they travel the path of the initial visit, applying, the college day visit, the in-person interview, and awaiting the snail mail letter in the mailbox. Heartfelt advice is shared for other parents as their journey begins. He worked, they searched, he discovered, they persevered, and his hard work literally paid off as he found the place that represents him. Ben’s motto matches his college’s motto: Hard Work U and Student Made. It’s like it was meant to be.

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Guest Speaker:

A graduating senior in the Class of 2022 from Cape Central High School, Ben Honza worked his way through school beginning as a host and working his way up the ladder to first chef. That work experience brought out a love he never knew he had and now begins his freshman year in college studying Culinary Arts at a school with the tagline Hard Work U.


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