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Ask the Tough Questions with Brady Barke

Small-town dual sport athlete revisits his “terrible thought process” on deciding where to go to college ending at a great fit in the big city. He goes unrecruited, turns Hall of Famer, and now achieves unprecedented success as a Division I Athletic Director. While helping students and athletes sits at the forefront of his mission and purpose, Brady speaks on the ever-changing landscape of athletics, the transfer portal and its purposeful original intentions, the madness of NIL, and how he uses his education, critical thinking, and analytical skills daily in his profession. He’s a standup guy who leads with compassion for others and makes decisions with strategic thought.

Time listening to this insider with Brady Barke is sure to increase your understanding, challenge your thinking, inspire you to think strategically, and gain perspective on the why and how of recruiting, the decision-making process, coaching, and the overall landscape of college athletics. The power of asking the tough questions to gain information for better understanding, insight, and assessment.

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Guest Speaker: Brady Barke begins his 7th year as the Director of Athletics at Southeast Missouri State University where the athletic department has achieved unprecedented success. First-ever Commissioners Cup Champions for the 20-21 season just five years after taking the helm and communicating that exact vision. Rightfully so, during the 2022 NACDA convention, Brady was awarded the FCS Athletic Director of the Year. Previous stints include Chief of Staff for the University President, Director of Compliance, and experience at the NCAA Office. A former Division III student-athlete, Brady played golf and basketball at Webster University and was later inducted into the Hall of Fame. He has a law degree from Southern Illinois University and an MBA from SEMO.


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